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Thank You for Life

4314602_1429883710.8547_funddescriptionLife came in the form of a baby.

This sentence was not taken from the Bible, but from the lives of Krysta and Robbie Dickson. They were planning a wedding, but not just any wedding. This wedding was also to celebrate two bouts with “Stage 2” Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, endless hours of treatment, and a pregnancy which doctors recommended her to abort.  This was an up-hill battle with her body, her finances, and doctors delivering bad news.  Healing isn’t a word that logically follows, but through the of birth Krysta & Robbie’s baby a story of life, hope, and faith began.  Science calls it microchimerism, they like to call her their miracle baby.

4314602_1429883754.3126_funddescriptionAgainst all odds and medical advice Paityn Dickson was born.  Here is the miraculous story from Paityn’s (the baby) point of view:

“My mom is fighting Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for the second time in her young life. For those of you who don’t know exactly what Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is, it is a cancer found in the lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system. When she found out treatment may cause infertility she put ‘life’ first and prayed for me. God granted her prayer, but then her doctor told her to have an abortion. That would have never been a option because she already loved me so! So she prayed, searched for better doctors, gave up living in Tampa, where she was a Kappa Delta at the University of South Florida, and moved back with her parents for support.
Thanks to our Mother Mary’s intercessions, my Grandma’s prayers, and everyone who prayed for me, I was born perfectly healthy. Have you heard that motherhood heals? Microchimerism, which is scientifically proven now, is when a baby’s stem cells from pregnancy remain in their mother and can help fight disease. We even saved my cord blood… expensive, but “My mom gave me life so maybe I can save her’s!” Due to God’s grace and so many people praying, the cancer did not grow or spread the whole 9 months she carried me.”

Here’s a 2-minute highlight film from this beautiful and inspiring new family. If you’d like to read and support Krysta’s recovery please consider making a donation to GoFundMe/SaveMyMommy

Life coming through the gift of a baby, it doesn’t get much better than that.


Krysta & Robbie’s Film from arturopaulino on Vimeo.