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B Wedding | Diana & Oscar

It was love at first sight. A couple hours before saying ‘I do’ I found myself photographing Oscar and while he was putting his shoes on I asked: ‘So, how did it all started?’... Read more

Funk + Fashion = FunkShion 2011

So… yeah… it’s fashion time! Now let me set the record straight, wedding photography is what I do, what I get paid to do and what I’ve been doing the longest.  Having said... Read more

Lady Gaga and Me

Men tend to have a bad reputation when it comes to commitment and marriage, especially in my Latin-American culture.  It is not strange to find a married man openly flirting with women, having... Read more

Sacred Kiss

February has been referred to as the month of love. It seems as if love indeed “is in the air”. There is love at every level – family type, religious type, and of course the romantic type. If I... Read more