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B Wedding | Diana & Oscar

It was love at first sight. A couple hours before saying ‘I do’ I found myself photographing Oscar and while he was putting his shoes on I asked: ‘So, how did it all started?’... Read more

Musical Wedding | Sean & Lynn

    Where do I start? Lynn and Sean are one of those few couples that you feel as if you have known them for years, even though it has only been a few months! If you’ve been following... Read more

Paz & Guerra Wedding | Beatriz & Augusto

      In the beginning of September I got an email from a bride requesting a quote for her wedding taking place in a couple of weeks. Time wasn’t on our side,and to make matters... Read more

A 'Unity Jar' Family | Q and Mario's Wedding

  I could have sworn Mario was from the Dominican Republic.  Not only did he have a Dominican look (wherever that is) but he was also extremely nice, sociable, happy and, most important, an... Read more

Smartest Couple | Elizabeth & Rafael's Wedding

    First a disclaimer: By labeling this couple as ‘smart’ I do not mean to imply that the couples I’ve covered in the past are dumb.  Please read this post and at the... Read more

Dancing Family Wedding | Kristen & Matt

    This wedding was schedule about four months ago thanks to Grace Albion from The Pros. As with most wedding I did my share of homework before hand in order to prepare for the event. I... Read more

Me? Shooting a Same-Sex Marriage? A Monologue

  I have been thinking about this post for about a year. It started back when I was serving as a youth pastor in a Methodist church in GA. I was sharing a sermon series titled “Hot... Read more

Indian American Wedding | Jeena & Shaun

    About two months ago I got an “instant message” through The Pros, about a potential wedding in Coral Springs, FL.  This new service with The Pros is one that features an... Read more

Southern Wedding | Brooke & Blake

    Who would have thought May 21, 2011 was going to be my most sought after wedding day ever! All of a sudden there were two brides hunting for this date when Katie Beall contacts me... Read more

FUN Wedding | Katy and Ryan

As part of putting myself “out there” and allowing my potential brides to get to know me, I have a FAQ section as part of my wedding website. Most of the time people see my name in... Read more

Military Wedding | Kira & Luis

  On April 16th I had the honor to document the wedding of Kira and Luis in Plantation, FL.  This particular wedding came to me via The Pros, and consequently, I have to admit, I pretty much... Read more

Good to be Nervous

It’s wedding day. By now I’ve contacted my bride several times. I know the location, times and events. I’ve befriended the couple on facebook, asked exchanged emails and made sure... Read more

Funk + Fashion = FunkShion 2011

So… yeah… it’s fashion time! Now let me set the record straight, wedding photography is what I do, what I get paid to do and what I’ve been doing the longest.  Having said... Read more