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Is Tracy my Soulmate?

  As I find myself at the kitchen table gathering my thoughts for a class paper, some photography biz deals, an upcoming beach shoot, wrapping up fundraising for Young Life, and sipping some... Read more

B Wedding | MacKenzie & Rory

    Early this month I had the opportunity to shoot another wedding at the beautiful B Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  This time around I had the privilege to cover MacKenzie and... Read more

Engagement Shoot | Lynn & Sean

    I first met Lynn while shooting Katy and Ryan’s wedding back in May.  Lynn and Sean were doing the music, and Chelo and I were doing photography.  After the wedding was over, I... Read more

Me-less Week @ Joni and Friends

    I’m not making this up. Hold your breath and take a seat… Ready? Okay, here it goes: I did not bring my camera with me to this week-long retreat!!! My dearest Canon 5Dm2 and... Read more

PhotoBooth Palooza | Erin's Bday

  I first met Erin over ten years ago on one of my first trips to Florida.  By then, Tracy and I were dating, I was styling an afro, okay maybe not quite a ‘fro’. . .but the idea is... Read more

Me? Shooting a Same-Sex Marriage? A Monologue

  I have been thinking about this post for about a year. It started back when I was serving as a youth pastor in a Methodist church in GA. I was sharing a sermon series titled “Hot... Read more

Indian American Wedding | Jeena & Shaun

    About two months ago I got an “instant message” through The Pros, about a potential wedding in Coral Springs, FL.  This new service with The Pros is one that features an... Read more

The True Terrorist | School Paper

    Disclaimer: The following post is not related to photography at all.  It is actually a reflective paper I was required to submit for one of my masters classes at Fuller University,... Read more

Prayer... Really?

  This is by far the most unattended aspect of my spiritual walk.  As a seminary student I’m constantly buried in books, biblical references, theologians, philosophers, culture trends and... Read more

Italy | May Newsletter

    We are excited to connect with you once again in our May Newsletter! In this issue you’ll get an update with our mission whereabouts, and you’ll get to watch us live in... Read more

Good to be Nervous

It’s wedding day. By now I’ve contacted my bride several times. I know the location, times and events. I’ve befriended the couple on facebook, asked exchanged emails and made sure... Read more

Funk + Fashion = FunkShion 2011

So… yeah… it’s fashion time! Now let me set the record straight, wedding photography is what I do, what I get paid to do and what I’ve been doing the longest.  Having said... Read more

Miami Fashion Week 2011 - My Story

It was Thomas Edison who first said, “Most people don’t recognize opportunity when it comes, because it’s usually dressed in overalls and looks a lot like work.”  Two things stand... Read more

Meaningful Mentors

As some of you know I’m doing my masters of arts in Global Leadership at Fuller, and currently I’m taking a “Mentoring” class.  Part of this class requirement is to look back... Read more

Guatemala Wedding | The Trip | (unedited)

12/15 9:10pm. As I’m watching the Heat vs. Cavs and Knicks vs. Celtics (I know I’m such a NBA junky), it started to hit me that I was flying out to Guatemala in a matter of hours. All of... Read more