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Happy 100th Post!

This is it.  I’ve been thinking a good bit about what I should write/post/shoot for this 100th post, but the more I thought the more I procrastinated.  So, having said that let’s just... Read more

Get Married & Give Back!

    We love being a part of changing lives, and that can happen through having a blast and giving back! In order to celebrate with our Brides, we also want to splurge. As a couple, Tracy... Read more

Marriage is a Fraud

This past week was about my 10th time shooting weddings. Shooting as in Photography type of shooting. Funny enough, as I’m behind the camera, the atmosphere makes me reflect on my own wedding... Read more

Lady Gaga and Me

Men tend to have a bad reputation when it comes to commitment and marriage, especially in my Latin-American culture.  It is not strange to find a married man openly flirting with women, having... Read more

Shawn & Rachel

This past weekend I had the opportunity to second shoot with local photographer Rebecca Cerasani in a wedding in Toccoa, GA. The day started pretty early for me (6:00am) but this was a great chance... Read more