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Is Tracy my Soulmate?

  As I find myself at the kitchen table gathering my thoughts for a class paper, some photography biz deals, an upcoming beach shoot, wrapping up fundraising for Young Life, and sipping some... Read more

The Newest Apple Store Specialist in Town... Me!

  By now if you know anything about me, you’d probably agree I’m what’s called ‘an Apple guy’. I first got the Apple bug while still living in the DR, back in 2004,... Read more

Smartest Couple | Elizabeth & Rafael's Wedding

    First a disclaimer: By labeling this couple as ‘smart’ I do not mean to imply that the couples I’ve covered in the past are dumb.  Please read this post and at the... Read more

Maggie and the T-Rex

  I’ve had the joy of knowing Maggie for a couple of years now.  When I first met her, I was serving as a youth pastor at a local church in Dublin, GA.  I always remember Maggie as a... Read more

Why am I Back... with Young Life

My last paycheck with Young Life was back in December of 2006.  By then we have been serving in Latin America for over ten years and things couldn’t be going much better in our ministry.  But... Read more

FAQ: First Look

“This will be a very special wedding.  The Bride has agreed to do a First Look and see the Groom before the ceremony.” Those were Rebecca’s words as we were getting ready to... Read more

Colombian Wedding: Patty + Victor

Picture a full blown “ethnic” celebration of love! I say “ethnic” because that was the word that stuck out of from my advertisement (yes, Craig’slist) that led Patty and... Read more

Park Hunting with the Girls

One of the advantages of living (and being a photographer) in South Florida is the array of public parks to visit.  Since I’m kind of new to the area, I decided to check out some local parks... Read more

FAQ: Arturo Photography 101

This past week we had dinner with some great friends of ours, Joe and Jamie Long. Among the many many many things people can discuss while having dinner for over six hours, both Joe and Jamie asked... Read more

Turtles aren't Mexican

First of all let me say upfront that this post has absolutely nothing to do with me, faith, or photography.  It’s all about my backyard snapping turtles.  That being said, here is the story:... Read more

With Gradma @ Walmart

I am notorious for my time management. Even with my phone/computer/iCal all synchronized, I still manage to goof up remembering certain events. Such as this morning. Just when I thought it was going... Read more

49 Seconds

Keeping up a website isn’t as laid back as some people, aka me, wishes. A good webmaster regularly checks the “data” behind the page. This data consists in how many visitors have... Read more

iPhone iOS4 First Take

For some reason I thought this upgrade was going to be available the same day as the iPhone 4, but to my surprise (and ignorance since I should have just read the iPhone related forums) Apple... Read more