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ThanksGiving Family Fun 2010

Food.  Fun. Family.  These three words summed up our 2010 ThanksGiving in Florida. This time around the Murphy’s made a stop over the house and between our gang (Abigail, Jillian, Stella,... Read more

Jillian's School Play

This past Monday, Tracy and I were invited to see Jillian’s ThanksGiving presentation.  We believe attending these little events makes a difference plus, we get a kick seeing our kiddos... Read more

WWD (Weekend with Daddy) Awards

After having the girls for a little over a weekend, I decided to celebrate the fact that we are all alive and the house wasn’t burnt to the ground. In light of this festive moment I’d like to... Read more

Nite-Nite Prayers

    “Dios padre, gracias por hoy, gracias por la Iglesia, la escuela, la familia y los amigos… en el nombre de Jesus, amen.” This is the prayer that my kids go to sleep to every... Read more

The Letter "O"

About two weeks ago we launched a challenge during one of our youth@fumc and it consisted of reading our Bibles everyday.  Not listening to it, reading a devotional, reading a sticker or book with... Read more