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13.1 Miles | Too Late to Quit?

Who am I fooling? I am NOT a runner nor do I enjoy running. Yet, in less than 12 hours I will be putting on a white T-shirt and fastening a three digit number on the front of it and running 13.1... Read more

DR Trip | Day 4

Today Chelo and I decided to head over to Jarabacoa, unplug from the city, and do something neither of us have ever done before. The answer? BUGGY RIDE! I have to admit I had no idea what... Read more


It has been almost four years since I went back to my home-country, the Dominican Republic.  It has been even longer since I had the opportunity to go and just ‘be’.  Probably last time... Read more

11 Quick Questions with... Maria Montgomery

  Cameras, lights, models, designers, hotels, products, outfits, colors, patterns, makeup, hair, water, expectations, videos, photography, judging, heels, bikinis, music, catwalks and Christ.... Read more

PhotoBooth Palooza | Erin's Bday

  I first met Erin over ten years ago on one of my first trips to Florida.  By then, Tracy and I were dating, I was styling an afro, okay maybe not quite a ‘fro’. . .but the idea is... Read more

Smartest Couple | Elizabeth & Rafael's Wedding

    First a disclaimer: By labeling this couple as ‘smart’ I do not mean to imply that the couples I’ve covered in the past are dumb.  Please read this post and at the... Read more

Our Mermaid Stella | Re-Post from Tracy

  I have got to figure out a way to have Tracy’s posts published on my Blog! She has SO much to say and she has a motherly/quirky/funny/ way to express herself in writing that I HAD to... Read more

Funk + Fashion = FunkShion 2011

So… yeah… it’s fashion time! Now let me set the record straight, wedding photography is what I do, what I get paid to do and what I’ve been doing the longest.  Having said... Read more

FAQ: First Look

“This will be a very special wedding.  The Bride has agreed to do a First Look and see the Groom before the ceremony.” Those were Rebecca’s words as we were getting ready to... Read more

11 Quick Questions to - C. T. Pham

I first met Pham about a year or two ago on one of my favorite online forums Photographers-on-the-Net.  From back then, his talent, openness, and friendly spirit were more than evident.  The first... Read more

Amber Leigh at Boston’s

Yesterday afternoon at Boston’s on the Beach I had the opportunity to document an awesome fundraiser for a teacher at Spanish River High School. The main attraction for this event was Amber Leigh.... Read more

Scouting with the Twins

This past week I was frantically looking for good locations for an upcoming Engagement Shoot later on this month.  That’s when a bride referred to me the Arboretum Park in Deerfield Beach. ... Read more

Photographer and Personality

Yesterday, I was reading a blog from a wedding photographer I respect, both as a professional and as a person, Jasmine Star.  These past few weeks have been pretty special for Jasmine since her... Read more

Redneck Games – Learning Experience

Redneck BTSThis past July I was able to attend the world famous Redneck Games in East Dublin, GA.  This was part of a project in which fstoppers.com was giving a super cool camera, Nikon 300Ds or... Read more