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13.1 Miles | Too Late to Quit?

Who am I fooling? I am NOT a runner nor do I enjoy running. Yet, in less than 12 hours I will be putting on a white T-shirt and fastening a three digit number on the front of it and running 13.1... Read more

DR Trip | Pictures with Captions

This blog is the accumulation of pictures I just couldn’t fit into any particular post other than random-ordinarily-peculiar photos that add life and colour to the Dominican day. Another way I... Read more

DR Trip | Day 5

It’s Sunday in Santiago, and while living here the tradition has always been to attend church. Now, throughout the years I lived here I’ve visited a few churches, but none can compare to... Read more


It has been almost four years since I went back to my home-country, the Dominican Republic.  It has been even longer since I had the opportunity to go and just ‘be’.  Probably last time... Read more

Eight Hours in Dublin

  The situation couldn’t have been any more tragic — a car accident in the middle of the nigh leading to a young and vibrant college student’s funeral visitation, and the pain... Read more

Musical Wedding | Sean & Lynn

    Where do I start? Lynn and Sean are one of those few couples that you feel as if you have known them for years, even though it has only been a few months! If you’ve been following... Read more

Tapping Shoes

  This evening wasn’t much different than the usual Monday evening at home.  Tracy getting ready for BSF, Abigail playing by herself, and Jillian dressing up her little sisters as... Read more

Me-less Week @ Joni and Friends

    I’m not making this up. Hold your breath and take a seat… Ready? Okay, here it goes: I did not bring my camera with me to this week-long retreat!!! My dearest Canon 5Dm2 and... Read more

The Newest Apple Store Specialist in Town... Me!

  By now if you know anything about me, you’d probably agree I’m what’s called ‘an Apple guy’. I first got the Apple bug while still living in the DR, back in 2004,... Read more

Food to my Soul | Top 20 List

  The other day I was having coffee with one of my favorite couples ever, Joe and Jamie. We chatted a little bit about everything, from textile business to churches in South Florida. When we... Read more

Southern Wedding | Brooke & Blake

    Who would have thought May 21, 2011 was going to be my most sought after wedding day ever! All of a sudden there were two brides hunting for this date when Katie Beall contacts me... Read more

Prayer... Really?

  This is by far the most unattended aspect of my spiritual walk.  As a seminary student I’m constantly buried in books, biblical references, theologians, philosophers, culture trends and... Read more

Italy | location, location, location!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected... Read more

Italy | Five Questions

As we find ourselves in the middle of our Italy scouting trip, I find myself in the back of a car heading to see some places to live. Since it will take us about an hour to get to our destination, I... Read more

Coaching in Fear

As a HUGE Miami Heat fan, I was thrilled to know that right about the same time we moved to South Florida, NBA SuperStar LeBron James decided to take his “talents” to South Beach. ... Read more