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Turtles aren't Mexican

First of all let me say upfront that this post has absolutely nothing to do with me, faith, or photography.  It’s all about my backyard snapping turtles.  That being said, here is the story:... Read more

Happy 100th Post!

This is it.  I’ve been thinking a good bit about what I should write/post/shoot for this 100th post, but the more I thought the more I procrastinated.  So, having said that let’s just... Read more

Keeping up with our Italy Mission?

If you’d like to get updates regarding our mission trek to Italy we have great news! We (I) just created a  new blog titled FaithTrack.  This blog will cover the details of our move, our... Read more

Jobs, Dating and Faith Sharing

I am not the type of person that tends to take things personally.  I don’t remember getting easily offended when growing up and interacting with people. However there are two major exceptions,... Read more

Waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Potential Buyer

It looks like someone else’s house! Exclaimed one of our friends as she walked into our home. She was right. Ever since we put our house up for sale we have made many little and not so little... Read more

Multi-Faith Prayer Room

What a week!!! This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to visit Spain, for the first time, to attend a conference in which we evaluated the growth of the church among European teenagers. I will cover... Read more

The Hard Way

When do we look more like Jesus? I’m sure it would be easier for us to look like Him if we could perform miracles, walk on water or certainly if we could turn water into a crowd pleaser beverage. ... Read more