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Program Review: INSANITY Max30 Week 1

Photo Jan 25, 18 17 31Here’s a breakdown of my first week on INSANITY MAX:30.  For the next 60-days I am doing the non-modified AB Maximizer track.

  • Cardio Challenge: Maxed out time 12:37.  This exercise serves as an intro to the program and also as a Fitness Test.  It is intense, fast, and right off the bat sizes you up and gives you a fair sample of this program.
  • Tabata Power: Maxed out time 9:48. This is a high-resistance, full body workout.  This workout will shock your muscles using a “20-seconds on, 10-seconds off” rhythm.
  • Sweat Intervals: Maxed out time 21:00!!! This is a special DVD you get when you order through a BeachBody Coach.  Think drenching, flowing sweat, and you’ll get the picture
  • Friday Night Round 1: Maxed out time 8:11!!! This is the most CHALLENGING workout routine I’ve done in my life! Not only did I max out in an embarrassing 8 minutes, but I was a shell of myself moving forward.
  • Pulse: Maxed out time 10:13.  This is a low-impact “recovery” workout.
  • AB Attack: Ten minutes of INTENSE non-stop obliques, lower/upper abs.

The premise of this program is to get 1-year worth of physical training in 60-days! After experiencing its intensity I can start to see why.  Also, for those of you who have done the Classical Insanity, it was a nice surprise to see Tanya in the Sweat Intervals DVD!

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