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My Top Sources of Protein

protein_memeProtein, protein, protein… vital for muscle growth, and yet I find it extremely difficult to add it on my plate on a daily basis.  I’m not alone in this since most of my friends also struggle to achieve even 20% protein in their daily calorie intake.

After lots of trial and error, this is my personal ranking of protein sources.  In other words, while there are many and certainly much more complicated ways to find protein sources, the list I’m showing is my PERSONAL list as I too mindfully seek out this macronutrient!

  1. Chicken Breast: This is a staple in our household.  This is my go-to source of delicious protein when at home.
  2. Shakeology: At home with the Vitamix or on the road with a Shaker, nothing beats this source of 16g of Protein
  3. Boiled Eggs: I usually have two in the AM and at times take one in my lunch box
  4. Cheese: My favorite is Feta Cheese, but due to its high concentration of salt, I’m favoring Cottage Cheese instead.
  5. Nuts: My all-time favorite is raw almonds!

Here’s a Chart with other sources of protein:


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Keep striving to add a significant helping of protein to your daily diet!



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