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Krysta + Robbie’s Short Film

Screenshot 2015-10-09 08.56.02This summer I began planning our return to the USA after our 3 years with the NAVY in Europe, and it was time to revamp our photography business.  The problem?  My thirst to capture REAL stories continued to evolve with my appreciation of photography . . .  but I also learned the importance of capturing audio, light, and motions within the craft of storytelling.

 This culmination resulted in the birth of Global Good Films. We have the privilege to tell the world about beautiful and meaningful stories using the tool of short filmmaking.

The beginning of Global Good Films deserved a phenomenal story to kickoff the business.  Capturing Krysta and Robbie’s story is the perfect marriage (pun intended).  Here’s an excerpt from Krysta’s pen:

“In February 2014 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, after my fiancé pushed me to go to the doctors to get a lump in my shoulder checked out. There were problems with my insurance, so chemotherapy was put off until April 2014 when my new insurance would begin. In the 2 months of waiting I became pregnant with our little miracle baby girl. We were told after treatment I might not be able to have children, which scared me. I went against my first doctors wishes and kept our baby. To keep her I had to put off chemotherapy and radiation, which put me at risk for the cancer to spread. Thanks to all my family and friends who prayed for a healthy mama and baby, our little miracle came into this world in December 2014. In January 2015, I had a PET and CT scan to look at the cancer growth. Throughout my entire pregnancy there was no spreading and barely any cancer growth!!!”

Can you think of a more appropriate story to start off our Global Good Films? Neither could we.

Congrats Krysta, Robbie and gorgeous little Paityn!

– arturo
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Wedding Credits:
Krysta + Robbie’s Story https://www.theknot.com/us/krysta-schildwachter-and-robert-dickson-oct-2015
Photos by Rowen Wells Photography http://www.rowanwellsphotography.com
Ceremony at St. Helen Church in Vero Beach http://www.sthelenvero.org
Reception Venue at The Moorings Club http://www.themooringsclub.com

Film Credits:
Camera One: Arturo Paulino
Camera Two: Chris Crass
Drone/GlideCam: Chris Crass
Details Shots: Paige Newberry
Sound: Joe Long
Song Licensed through The Music Bed – www.themusicbed.com