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Kenneth Project

Epic RED X Dragon, RED, Epic, Camera, Arturo,

Epic RED X Dragon, RED, Epic, Camera, Arturo,

As we introduce Films to our list of media services, a couples of weeks ago I had the opportunity to partner with Dan Dyer from Young Life ministries in the creation of a promotional video showcasing the mentoring relationship between Kevin and Kenneth. Kevin is on staff with Young Life and through his relationship with Kenneth we can get a glimpse of the meaningful work our Lord is doing through Young Life.

From a technical point of view, this was a challenging project for me to join since this was my introduction to the formidable Epic-X RED Dragon camera.  This camera, on top of costing more than my Honda Odyssey, was the most amazing camera I’ve had the priviledge to shoot with.  Besides this RED camera, the rest of the footage was shot with the Canon 6d and GoPro 4.

Thank you Dan for calling my number and allow me to be a part of this amazing promo film!!!


– arturo