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Is Tracy my Soulmate?

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As I find myself at the kitchen table gathering my thoughts for a class paper, some photography biz deals, an upcoming beach shoot, wrapping up fundraising for Young Life, and sipping some good ole’ morning coffee it dawned on me how little I’ve written about the most special person in my whole life, Tracy.

Just last night as we lay in bed we were chatting about how in the world we’ve made it these eleven years together.  You take two individuals from different nationalities, languages, cultures, family values and strong personalities and it does not take long to see danger ahead.  But in spite of how different we are or how the deck has been stacked against us, our relationship keeps going strong and our bond even stronger.



I’m not the one to give tips on relationships, especially since I’ve never been too too popular with the ladies, and I don’t think I’m that great of a counselor.  But I have to say that Tracy is the kind of person who, even if we were not married, I would still envision us being good friends and me having a great deal of admiration for her.
It just gets better since I’m lucky enough to have my life intertwined with hers at a deeper level through the ties of marriage.  First the obvious facts.  The fact alone that Tracy is the mother of my girls is something that no one in the whole wide world can top.  She has given me, and the world, five breaths of life… pause… pause.  There are no words to properly wrap around that concept.

Second, the icing.  Tracy is incredibly sharp, discerning, social, a servant, great steward and timely hilarious. It is truly a treat to partner through life with such a beautiful, both inside and out, person.

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Love at first sight? “THE ONE” for me? soul partner? How about just a gal.  A special gal that is.  In truth I want to always be surprised by how awesome my partner is through allowing her to always be her elemental self.  This isn’t just a case of ‘under promise/over deliver’ but as long as I take Tracy for who she is, I will always be amazed by the way she comes through.

A Lot has been said and written on love, relationships, who loves who, who respects who, how much you give and what to hold back. In my opinion, I could not have achieved this level of relationship if not for the tremendous respect and admiration I have towards the mother of my kids, my best friend and partner in life. Needless to say, Tracy I’m your #1 and biggest fan! My hope is to keep appreciating you for who you are today and to model this mature relationship to our kids and the world.  I love ya!