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Introducing: Coffee Sessions 2017

This past Summer 2016 I was stuck in a rut. With over 15 videos to edit, and if you know anything about video editing is that they take a loooooong time, most of my days were at home in front of my 27inch iMac making little changes here and there, answering phone calls/messages from clients, and uploading content to the internet. Everyday, for weeks.

Needless to say I needed to do something different. I needed to do something creative, something that would connect me with other artists, something that would challenge me, something fresh and new. Just like that the Coffee Sessions were born.

The idea was simple: find other artists to collaborate and create compelling lifestyle, black&white women portraiture, using only natural light, in the cozy and comfortable environment of a local Coffee Shop.

After thousands of images, hundreds of posts, and a handful of Coffee Shops in South FL and southern Italy, this project has taken a life of its own and this 2017 I’m now taking bookings from clients wanting a more casual type of photography than the stiff look-here-hands-there approach. Here are some Coffee Sessions from this past 2016:

Here are some of the 2017 Coffee Sessions I’ll be photographing here in the USA and Italy.


If you are in the South FL area, or southern Italy, and would like to book one of these sessions send me a message at info@arturophotography.com for more information. Special thanks to the following coffee shops for partnering with this project SubCulture Coffee and The Seed Coffee in South FL and Dinamik Lounge Bar in Sant’Arpino, Italy.

Check out this promo video I made last year (when I still had my hair long) and make sure to go to Instagram and follow my Coffee Sessions account on Instagram (www.instagram.com/coffeesessions) to see these new images!

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Coffee IG 4 from arturopaulino on Vimeo.



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