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How I Lost 16lb in 13 Weeks and KEPT IT OFF!

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It all started as a betting competition between me and a group of my friends.  At some point we all decided that we were going to pitch in 50 bucks, send in weekly weigh-ins, and in the end the biggest loser would end up with all the cash.

For awhile it seemed like the best I could do was fluctuate between third and second place.  No matter how much I ran, (at the time my goal was to run 500 miles in 2014) or watched my diet, my body just platoed. Out of desperation, and bitter competition, I decided to give p90x3 a try.  After all, I’ve heard that it was a phenomenal program, and I was just tired of tweaking things on my own and trying to re-invent the wheel.  I was ready to push play and follow a subject matter expert… from the convenience of my own living room.

On August 3rd I took the fit test, signed up with BeachBody, joined a DECIDE.COMMIT.SUCCEED group on Facebook, and decided to give it my all.  At the time I weighed 196lb, 41″ waist, and 33% body fat.

The first 30 days went fine, but my pounds didn’t exactly drop at the rate I was expecting.  That’s when I started paying close attention to the nutrition part.  At the time I simply couldn’t afford Shakeology, and I had NO IDEA the relationship between macro-nutrients, calorie quality/deficiit and how these components work for or against your goals. From that moment on I started using this free iPhone app “MyFitnessPal” and religiously journaled all my food entries.  This gave me a clearer and visual understanding of my intake and with the assitance of my BeachBody Coach Nat, we were able to create a “calorie deficit” throughout the remaining 60-days of the program.

After 13 weeks of p90x3 and concious nutrition, my weight dropped from 196 to 180, my waist line from 41″ to 36″ and my bodyfat from 33% to 21%!!!

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Today I am committed to a balanced lifestyle through my second BeachBody fitness program, BodyBeast, and the inclusioin of Shakeology to my diet.  Currently, almost 5 months after I started this journey, I’m at 179lb, 35″ and 18% body fat.

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Just in case you are curious about the initial competition, I did not win.  I ended in 2nd and you know what the great philosopher Ricky Bobby says, “if you ain’t first, you’re last.” However, because of this bet I was able to gain the proper knowledge and motivation to take better care of my body, be a healthier husband and dad.

Now I am committed to assist my family and friends to reach their fitness goals and inspire those around them. I have not yet arrived to my ultimate fitness goal, single digit body fat, but I am much better than where I was and I this makes me believe ANYONE who really wants it can also make progress.




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