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Coffee Sessions: Darina

I don’t think it’s coincidence all 6 photos I’ve posted of Darina acquired over 100 likes in less than 24 hours in Instagram.  I found Darina at a modeling website and judging by  her current work (high fashion/studio work)  I wasn’t quite sure how her “A Game” would translate to the open/public/lifestyle flow of the Coffee Sessions.  But boy oh boy…

Right from the get go, and I truly mean from the get go, Darina was on point delivering natural expressions at a drop of a hat, consistently, for the next hour!!! For a model to strike a pose isn’t a big deal. For a model to make a pose believable is what separates ordinary from extraordinary, and this is exactly what Darina was, extraordinary.

Half way through the shoot we flipped the script and just started having fun, learning about each other’s families, backgrounds, and careers.  Turns out Darina is from Czech Republic, which is a country I’ve visited many times in the past and is very dear to me.  She’s also an Environmental Engineer, barista, and an adventurer at heart.

Check out this 1-minute video to see more of this shoot’s photos:

Coffee Sessions: Darina from arturopaulino on Vimeo.

Thank you Darina for bringing elegance and simplicity to this Coffee Session project. You were a class act to work with… extraordinary, simply extraordinary. Also special thanks to SubCulture Coffee for allowing us to shoot these photos and providing a strong cup of coffee to get us going! If you’d like to get your Coffee Session done send me an email at info@arturophotography.com and let’s book it!

Peace & Grace,
⁃ arturo



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