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Allow Me to RE-Introduce Myself

My name is Arturo Paulino and I am a follower of Christ. Following my faith has taken me, my wife and five daughters, on a life of adventure, from being born and raised in the Dominican Republic,... Read more

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Good to be Nervous

It’s wedding day. By now I’ve contacted my bride several times. I know the location, times and events. I’ve befriended the couple on facebook, asked exchanged emails and made sure... Read more

FAQ: First Look

“This will be a very special wedding.  The Bride has agreed to do a First Look and see the Groom before the ceremony.” Those were Rebecca’s words as we were getting ready to... Read more

11 Quick Questions to - C. T. Pham

I first met Pham about a year or two ago on one of my favorite online forums Photographers-on-the-Net.  From back then, his talent, openness, and friendly spirit were more than evident.  The first... Read more

11 Quick Questions to - Diana Deaver

This is funny.  I never actually met Diana in person, but through what I’ve heard from others, my experience seeing her work, and her servant heart I feel like we’ve spent hours chatting... Read more

Arturo Photography Promo

After watching the Miami Heat game last night, I slowly got up from the couch and thought to myself “I just wasted a good 60 minutes sitting around… somehow I need to compensate for... Read more

Into Photography? Then This is for You.

I’m guilty of wanting to watch WAY too many How-To videos.  Specially when it comes down to photography.  There’s SO much to learn, to avoid, to try, to experiment, to buy, to sell, to... Read more

FAQ: Where do you...

After the question “What do you shoot with” or “Which Camera should I Buy” the natural sequence is “Where do you…”.  So here’s a little entry on this... Read more

FAQ: Choosing a DSLR Camera

This past week I have had three conversations with friends regarding the top things to consider when jumping from a point-and-shoot camera to a DSLR (serious camera).  That’s when I decided to... Read more

FAQ: Arturo Photography 101

This past week we had dinner with some great friends of ours, Joe and Jamie Long. Among the many many many things people can discuss while having dinner for over six hours, both Joe and Jamie asked... Read more

11 Quick Questions to - Aleksandras Babicius

I first came in contact with Aleksandra’s work through a photographers’ forum called Photography-on-the-Net.  One of the sections in that forum allows you to post and critique other... Read more

11 Quick Questions to – Lee Morris

The creator of the controversial viral internet sensation “iPhone Photoshoot” and one of the founders of fstoppers, Lee Morris, has agreed to be the first photographer to kick off the... Read more

Redneck Games – Learning Experience

Redneck BTSThis past July I was able to attend the world famous Redneck Games in East Dublin, GA.  This was part of a project in which was giving a super cool camera, Nikon 300Ds or... Read more