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2015 Resolutions | Review

For a couple of years now I’ve been jotting my goals for the upcoming year.  It’s fun to dream, plan, share with friends and be held accountable.  Here’s my end of the year review... Read more

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Deploying Paulino Boxes

30+ boxes have been sitting in the garage for over 15 days now waiting to be shipped.  With no address of our own on base, we have basically been collecting boxes and packing everything we could... Read more

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Saying our GoodByes

It all started a few weeks ago while sitting across a coffee table at a local Starbucks, Tracy and I realized August was going to fly by and we needed to start making plans to say our goodbyes.... Read more

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Is Tracy my Soulmate?

  As I find myself at the kitchen table gathering my thoughts for a class paper, some photography biz deals, an upcoming beach shoot, wrapping up fundraising for Young Life, and sipping some... Read more

DR Trip | Pictures with Captions

This blog is the accumulation of pictures I just couldn’t fit into any particular post other than random-ordinarily-peculiar photos that add life and colour to the Dominican day. Another way I... Read more

DR Trip | The End

  What a trip! Each day brought something new and soul filling. From catching up with family members I’ve not seen in almost a decade, to building new friendships, partaking delicious... Read more

DR Trip | Day 5

It’s Sunday in Santiago, and while living here the tradition has always been to attend church. Now, throughout the years I lived here I’ve visited a few churches, but none can compare to... Read more

DR Trip | Day 4

Today Chelo and I decided to head over to Jarabacoa, unplug from the city, and do something neither of us have ever done before. The answer? BUGGY RIDE! I have to admit I had no idea what... Read more

DR Trip | Day 3

Today starts my weekend time with my best friend Chelo. The plan is quite simple: drive around town, see people and hang out. Since today was Friday, most of the driving around town/hanging out took... Read more