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BodyBeast Review | Yes, I Need New Pants

body-beast-schedule-leanOn November 1st I jumped all in and started the highly acclaimed 90-day BeachBody program Body Beast.  I embarked on this program knowing that during this 90-day stretch I had a trip to the USA, Christmas break and a 5-day Camp with High School students.  I’ve learned by now that if I wait until “the right time” arrives I might as well not do anything since in reality the “right time” doesn’t exist.  Rather the right time is the only time we have, which is RIGHT NOW!

  1. Who is this program for: Anyone who wants to GROW lean muscle.  This is perfect for someone who, like me, has dropped many pounds and is searching for muscle growth.  This program is very low on cardio, jumping, etc.  This is straight up LIFTING WEIGHTS.  For someone like me who was very green in weight lifting and felt lost at the gym, this program is great.
  2. Who is this program NOT for: People who’s primary goal is losing weight.  This isn’t a knock on BodyBeast, but this isn’t a calorie burning kind of a program; it is a lean muscle growth program.  Of course you’ll lose body fat, but not at the same rate as with other BeachBody programs such as p90x, insanity, t25, PIYO, etc.
  3. What are the BASIC requirements: Photo Jan 20, 11 28 30
    • BodyBeast Disks
    • Dumbbells
    • EZ bar
    • Bench
  4. My Before/After Results:
    • Weight: 180.5 / 174.4 = 6.1lb POUNDS LOST
    • Waist: 35″ / 34″ = 1″ INCHES LOST
    • Body Fat: 21.5% / 13.5% = 8% Body Fat LOST
Photo Jan 26, 13 22 52

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Photo Jan 26, 13 21 47Photo Jan 26, 13 22 29Photo Jan 26, 13 22 10

It is important to notice that this program has two (2) fitness tracks, HUGE and LEAN.  I took the Lean track since my goal wasn’t to go BIG but to tone up and and add lean muscle to my body.  The main difference between these two is the nutrition guide and/or daily calorie intake.

My take-away from this program is the importance of weights along with the concept of lean muscle growth,  and my goal is to incorporate weight-lifting three times per week to my next Fitness program… INSANITY MAX30!

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