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2015 Resolutions | Review

Photo Dec 27, 09 38 43For a couple of years now I’ve been jotting my goals for the upcoming year.  It’s fun to dream, plan, share with friends and be held accountable.  Here’s my end of the year review of this almost-gone 2015:

  1. Finish my chapter with Young Life Military/Club Beyond Italy with Integrity: Back in December 2014 we knew 2015 was going to be our final year serving the military through YL/Club Beyond.  Knowing my tendencies of daydreaming I had to plan in order to stay-in-the-present and finish my 3-year commitment with integrity.  That meant spending quality time with my students, finishing each contract item ahead of schedule, setting up the program for my replacement, and doing things with excellence.  This picture was taken at our last Retreat and looking back I’m glad I made it a goal to end strong and on a high note. Status: ACCOMPLISHED.F2458802-6D93-40CB-813D-5F0018BC9203
  2. Job for Tracy and solid Education for the Girls: This goal took many years in the making. Ever since Tracy started her masters in Mental Health Counseling I knew she has found her sweet spot, and it was just a matter of time to see her flourish in this field.  With that in mind we needed to make sure our next move was in line with Tracy’s professional goals as well as our girls ability to receive a solid and reliable education.  After adding all of those factors we decided to move back to South Florida, and 6 months later Tracy finished her education and landed a job in her dream field.  Plus the girls were integrated in the public school system. Status: ACCOMPLISHED.Screenshot 2015-12-28 11.05.57
  3. Collect Memories around me through my Camera: Knowing this was my last year living in Europe, I made it a point to squeeze every travel opportunity out my time there.  As a result I developed an appetite for landscape/travel photography and ended up with over 150 images. Of course (shameless plug alert), as you probably know by now, all of my prints sell on Aluminum Metal in two sizes, 16×24 and 12×36 inches here http://arturo.zenfolio.com/p943700910 . ACCOMPLISHED.397B4607-C48E-4856-B9B9-0B7D62D2FC5E
  4. Achieve 10% BodyFat: This was someone of a flawed goal to begin with.  Ideally it should’ve been to MAINTAIN under 10% bodyfat, not just achieve 10%bfat.  Well, I did achieve under 10% sometime during May, but unfortunately (get ready for the excuses) with the Summer and then moving back to the USA, and… it ballooned to 15% early this month and now I’m trying to manage it and keep it around 12%.  Easier said than done.  ACCOMPLISHED….somewhat.
  5. Motivate my Friends to achieve their Physical Goals: (full disclosure: I’m an Independent Coach for BeachBody) This 2015 I ran 3 or 4 online fitness accountability groups and I learned two things: a) I’m better at coaching men than women and b) nutrition is AT LEAST 70% of the equation.  ACCOMPLISHED.Screenshot 2015-12-07 19.02.15
  6. Bring down Photo Equipment debt to under 5k: I failed at this one.  I could go and on, but the bottom line is that by merging professions (ministry+media), and moving to a new location (aka: no steady income for 6-months) hurt this goal.  FAILED.
  7. Save 3 Months of Salary in the Bank: Well, by reading #6 you could guess the outcome of this one.  FAILED miserably.

In these upcoming days I’ll incorporate/revise this list and come up with my 2016 list of goals.
What about you? share or send me a PM with your goals for this 2016 and let’s hold each other accountable!

– Arturo



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